Welcome News!

L'Arche Long Island is now at the 'project' stage of developing our community and we are welcoming our first core members, assistants, and the community leader as we start a new home.   We will also endeavor to realize the other goals that the project stage entails including:  beginning fundraising in earnest; establishing relationships and agreements with government agencies and other organizations; and deepening contacts with local religious leaders and community groups.  

Our new website will be up and running very soon!  When it has been operational for a period of time, this website will automatically redirect visitors to the new website (www.larchelongisland.org)

As a part of our fundraising efforts, we have started a registry for housewarming gifts to help us with items for our new home.  The registries can be accessed via the links below:

Our mission is to create happy, loving, respectful and spiritual community home environments to bridge the gap between persons with Neurodevelopmental disabilities and the local community.

Background of L'Arche

In 1964, a French Canadian Catholic, Jean Vanier, started an organization called LʼArche which is the French word for The Ark (that saved Humanity). He gave up a successful career to dedicate his life to the care of mentally disabled adults after he witnessed the appalling conditions in which these people were living at that time in France.

The first LʼAche Community was in a house in a small village, Trosly-Breuil, outside of Paris. Jean Vanier invited 2 men taken from institutions to live with him there and from that first home LʼArche has grown into an international movement with more than 135 communities in 36 countries across the globe.

Jean Vanier teaches that vulnerability and imperfections are not to be viewed as obstacles but rather catalysts to strong and nurturing relationships. LʼArche communities reflect the views that people with disabilities possess inherent qualities of welcome, wonderment, spirituality and friendship and can serve to teach us in the competitive world, the true meaning of life- to love and to be loved.

In a LʼArche Community, individuals with developmental disabilities and those without, live and work together. These remarkable communities are signs of hope where people are welcomed, celebrated and encouraged to grow as human beings. People are transformed through mutual friendships. Justice, compassion and faith are practiced in “the smallest acts of daily living.”

L’Arche communities today are inter-denominational, albeit Spiritual. In the words of Jean Vanier, “the tears and sufferings of a mother with a severely handicapped child are the same,whatever her religion. We share a common humanity. We are all God’s people”.

LʼArche first came to the U.S in 1972 with the opening of the LʼArche Community in Erie, PA. Since then there are now about 19 LʼArche Commuities in the US. with several more in development. Core members - people with intellectual and developmental disabilities- live together with assistants enjoying a simple and transforming life.

Some Pictures of our Community