L’Arche communities are family-like places where people with disabilities live in community with assistants. 
The emphasis is on ‘living with’ those who are differently-abled and not merely on ‘doing for’ them. We hope for our Long Island L’Arche Communities to  feel welcomed and included in the lives of the larger communities in which they are situated. 

Our vision is to establish an organization (under the umbrella of L’Arche) to create homes and apartment clusters which are in 
keeping with the needs of the persons living in them. The intent is for these homes or apartment clusters to become “adopted” by local communities so as to become integrated into the community-at-large in as many ways as possible.”

Our mission is to create happy, loving, respectful and spiritual community home environments to bridge the gap between persons with neuro-developmental (intellectual) disabilities and the local community.

People who are disabled have as much to offer the
world as the rest of us, if not more. Their innate ability to love unconditionally and their sensitivity to others teach us amazing lessons of patience and understanding and about how to ideally live our lives and build our  communities.


Fall 2012 Barndance